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“Fifty millennia have passed since the sixth voluntary extinction, you are now reborn as a citizen of a new civilization: XOCIETY. Now, what is your next move?”

1. What does ‘Metaverse’ really mean?

1–1) Your NFTs and the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a key part of the future of web 3 and how we see ourselves online. However, while the concept is talked about at length, a fully realized high-fidelity version of this new frontier is still emerging. NFTs represent a real way to engage in and create a true, tailored Metaverse, for users. This is the challenge Team NDUS, the devs behind XOCIETY are taking on.

Do your NFTs just sit in your on-chain wallet or are simply used as a profile pic on Twitter? XOCIETY aims to bring your NFTs to life in the 3D virtual world. All NFT owners participating, collaborating, or strongly supported by the members of XOCIETY will be able to discover and demonstrate the full value of their NFTs.

1–2) True Gamification

Instead of walking through an empty street in the so-called metaverse, XOCIETY promises to continue the experience of fun and excitement on Web 2.0 gaming. The vision of XOCIETY is to deliver the feeling of real gameplay rather than hiding behind the word “Blockchain Game” or “NFT Game.”

1–3) Decentralization

XOCIETY aspires to achieve a fully decentralized universe. All participants may voluntarily engage in decision-making and management of the new world, acting as individual economic entities.

In XOCIETY, there is no single “Ruler” or “Government.” A completely decentralized universe will empower you to take part in the new economic structure as a generator of future energy called MOTUS. And of course, I, NDUS, will proactively support you throughout the whole process.

1–4) Creator’s Ecosystem

XOCIETY offers an in-game Editor and a wide assortment of developer tools for creators to produce varied gaming content. Such playable content can be offered to all members in the metaverse to continually generate new experiences.

With available time and resources, you will have the opportunity to “Create” and “Share” within XOCIETY. Such actions and accomplishments will enable you to stand out and become a revered, influential figure in the newly formed society.

1–5) Community

XOCIETY aims to provide all means of social networking and is eager to receive feedback. Even a small opinion from you and the community could have a positive impact on the creation of a new world!

You will engage with other citizens and build relationships as friends, competitors, or maybe even as enemies, forming a unique community. And the opinions and suggestions from you and the community you belong to are imperative in shaping the future of the XOCIETY.


XOCIETY is a high-fidelity science fantasy metaverse, providing a complete on-chain gaming experience. With the goal of expanding horizons in terms of freedom of play, XOCIETY will deliver the diverse systems of top-notch video games of our era to construct a creators’ hub.

Going on a daring adventure? Amassing unimaginable wealth? Building an everlasting landmark? Perhaps… starting a devastating war?

In XOCIETY, you can act on your free will; explore, achieve and claim ownership. To support your pursuit of dreams, an A.I. Drone named ‘Companion’ will always follow and assist throughout your journey. XOCIETY, is a totally reconstructed civilization casting aside a repetitious and mundane past, where you will start another life.

All these events take place in a carefully designed fictional universe based on a science fantasy. The story includes fifty-thousand years of sleep and its background, a chain of events regarding earth and humankind during the era, MOTUS Energy — an alt energy produced through conversion of human emotions, Caelum — a shelter where humans went in and out of hibernation, NDUS — an AI overseer of the earth and supporter of human species, “The beings” standing on the other side of the world confronting mankind, and so much more… XOCIETY is your world and the start of an epic journey.

3. How is that possible?

“NDUS” is an Artificial Intelligence supporter of XOCIETY, and the name of the Dev Team. Team NDUS comprises of Web 3.0, blockchain developers, and professional game developers of various genres, including MMORPG, Shooter, and Simulation. XOCIETY is currently under development with Unreal Engine 5, with goals to bring an unmatchable player experience. All members are confident in the dev process through a fusion of experience and knowledge of blockchain and game development. Team NDUS is taking a step-by-step approach to deliver a ‘well-refined, gamified on-chain metaverse.’

4. What to do first?

4–1) Building a welcoming community

Team NDUS welcomes all ideas from every supporter. Reach out to us on any official channel including Twitter and Discord. We’ll be listening right from the initial stages of development. Through open communication, the team aspires to engage players’ curiosity, share our vision, and help you develop a sense of pride and loyalty as you become a part of XOCIETY.

4–2) Continuous Project Updates

Team NDUS is committed to providing a series of Project Updates as frequently as possible, via video clips, images, or text. The team believes in the openness of information to show you how XOCIETY is progressing. This is essential in making a game, we’re committed to releasing achievable teasers without over-promising development status.

4–3) Stabilized value creation

XOCIETY will gradually offer the minting of limited NFT editions of Frontier Avatar, Land, and companion. Furthermore, the well-structured Tokenomics of XOCIETY will function to guarantee the value of all assets.

Many projects emphasize “Play to Earn(P2E)” mechanics, arguing that players will be able to earn a fortune by just playing the game. But if the game fails to deliver the fun of gameplay, it would lead to an unbalanced game economy. An economy where there are only producers of items without actual consumers could risk a collapse at any point. Team NDUS is well aware of this potential risk and is dedicated to becoming a web 3.0 project that stimulates consumers by guaranteeing the fun of the gameplay.

Team NDUS will detail all specifics of the game systems soon by publishing our white paper. Until then, make sure you’re keeping up to date with all things XOCEITY on our Twitter, @xociety_ndus

5. What’s NEXT?

This wraps up today’s dev blog, stay tuned for our next updates across Twitter and Web!





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