Derby Stars: P2E Gaming to Mass Adoption

6 min readJun 16, 2022

Written by David Song

The Kentucky Derby may be the best-known stakes race happening in the equestrian world this weekend, but it’s hardly the only one. In Derby Stars, several such events will take place every mins, seven days a week, on a metaverse horse racing platform. Owners pay modest entry fees to compete for prize money in the game.

Metaverse horse racing games are in “The Great Horse War”

There have been several horse racing P2E games in the crypto market. Unfortunately, they all failed to overcome the current issues of P2E games, which are designed to be too simple in game play and have typical horse outlooks. In Derby Stars, users can ensure the triple A game experience while devoting their precious time to enjoy the game for fun with outstanding designs.

As the anticipation of the game, Derby Stars raised in $6M in seed round by 24 outstanding VCs including Patron, Galaxy Interactive, and Hashed, and leading project’s boards such Ryan Wyatt from Polygon Studio CEO, Sebastian from Sandbox COO, and Daniel Kim from NFTBank CEO.

What is Derby Stars?

Derby Stars is a horse racing metaverse game where players can breed, grow, build and trade. Players can train their horses over a long period of time through the in-game training system, and race against other players using the stats, talents, and skills of each horse.

During this process, players can feed the horse with special food to awaken its hidden abilities, and training can also level up player’s horses. If a horse wins the first place in the race, the player can earn rewards in token, and horses with numerous championship history will serve as excellent stallions in breeding.

In traditional game models, in-game currency or gaming assets can’t be exchanged for real-world money, denying the player base an opportunity to earn back their investment in the game. However, your devotion on the game will be rewarded back in Derby Stars and we believe that the vast untapped potential of GameFi will be realized fully through the Derby Stars.

Where Derby Stars is coming from?

The concept for Derby Stars was conceived by Sean, a Derby Stars’ executive producer, and Nicolas, a Derby Stars TD. When they were in college, they were obsessed with playing the PlayStation game Derby Stallion, which was a series of genre-merging horse-racing and business simulation games originally created by ASCII.

Even after they graduated from college, they kept discussing how to create the game like a Derby Stallion. Their dream of creating a well-made horse racing game hovered in their heads, and eventually they got into the game field and launched Derby Days. Despite not having enough resources to create a super fancy designed game, they hit a home run and it sold like hotcakes.

About 11 years later from the initial launching of Derby Days, Sean and Nicolas are still on their grind to make a much-upgraded version of Derby Days. Executive producer of Derby Stars, Sean said, “Derby Stars is finally able to make it into the shape I envisioned originally, and my heart is racing every day to meet the full version of the game.”

Celestial Design and Super Game-engine
The wild-power of Derby Stars is easy to say that it shows elegant designs that they have not seen anywhere else and has abundant content in the gameplay.

In the game, the user can experience superior graphic effects such as the wings flapping as horses run, the effects of using special skills, and different attractive features like a flying aircraft, an ice kingdom, and a lava field.

Furthermore, each one of the unique horses is meticulously designed by the team’s veteran game graphic designers who were previously working at well-known gaming studios such as NCsoft, Nexon, Netmarble, and Com2us. — The reason why they can come up with the masterpiece is that the designers had formal experience in designing horses at Derby Days, the team’s previous work. They are putting together the supplements from their previous experiences to create masterpieces.

In fact, the Derby team is expecting that users will enjoy the game not only for its outstanding design but also for its game engine and aspects. Through the self-developed racing engine by the team, Derby Stars will provide users with the most realistic racing experience possible. Derby Star’s horse racing is delivered with such dynamic and rare movement that the horses continually change the courses at incourse and outcourse, vice versa, while competing with other players.

Finally, unlike with other horse racing P2E games where they are mostly focused on the racing and breeding systems, Derby Stars is additionally focused on training courses where users can grow their horses according to their preferences. This will allow users to develop feelings for their NFT like a Damagochi.

Through those exuberant design and contents in the game, the user will not only earn tokens as a P2E game, but will be able to enjoy the game itself.

We are building the super P2E game for mass adoption

We believe interactive entertainment will dominate the attention economy in the next decade. To make this happen, following problems should be continually solved.

  • New mechanism discovery for the token economy

Derby team devotes tremendous time to make utility of burning mechanism to increase the value of tokens because most of existing P2E games did not well design the burning system. In most of P2E project, there is no burning system of NFTs, governance tokens or utility tokens resulting in hyperinflation. The Derby Stars team is well aware of this, so we are constantly thinking about how to burn NFT and two tokens to create scarcity.

  • Lower barriers (less cost) to enter the game for users

Through the rental system, we will continue to lower the entrance barrier from buying NFTs and find the best balance for lessor and lender for their profits through the community governance.

  • Distribute the rewards based on the player’s individual engagement.

Individuals who put more efforts to upgrade his or her horse, they shall have more incentives in games most likely that higher chance to win the races.

  • Embrace permissive IP, and build a vibrant creator economy around it.

Derby team considers not only a stadium customized by users but also a jockey customized by user to expand IP in the game ecosystem. In later, each character can be expanded to different metaverse platforms to be one of the identity. We hope Derby Stars becomes a core hub of Horse and Avatar NFTs in a vibrant creator economy.

With the game developing so fast, Derby Stars team is expecting to become a top tier blockchain game in 2022. The team is also striving towards mass adoption and Derby Stars will kick off the 2022 game-fi season.

Stay tuned to our official channels we have a lot of exciting news and updates coming through.

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