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Written by Audrey

1. Introducing Modhaus: The World’s First Open Architecture Entertainment

Modhaus is an unprecedented open architecture K-pop entertainment agency that seeks to revolutionize the current industry as we know it. By recognizing the vital role fans play within the K-pop industry, Modhaus seeks to give fans more power.

How are we planning to do this? By creating fan-centered decentralized entertainment. Through this innovative system, we hope to include fans across all stages of production through active communication and governance. Our fans will be able to directly influence their artist by exercising voting power gained through the “Objekts”, or NFTs with voting rights. “Objekts” can be acquired by contributing to the artist or fan community.

2. Why should we decentralize the entertainment industry?

When discussing K-pop’s rise over recent years it is hard to leave out the fans. Out of their love and admiration for their artist, fans have shown their willingness to go to lengths to ensure the artist’s success. In doing so, fandoms play a crucial role in supporting their artist whether it be through emotional support or purchasing power.

However, many fans have felt betrayed and sidelined due to manipulation and lack of communication. In recent years, charges were pressed against popular K-pop TV series regarding vote rigging. Though the show advertised that each vote cast by the fans would determine an idol trainee’s debut, it was later revealed that the voting results were rigged. This sparked severe backlash from fans who had been eager supporters of the show.

Also, K-pop fans have voiced their desire for further communication. Most existing entities in the K-pop industry are highly centralized with fans having little to no say in how an artist is produced. This has led to fans’ backlash with accusations of agencies using their artists as mere pawns for consumption.

Modhaus is driven to resolve this problem by actively listening to our fans on our various channels and creating fan-engaged content. We hope to empower our fans by giving them voting power to influence unit making, name song titles, genres, and so much more!

3. Mixing K-pop with Blockchain

Modhaus’ business model is an intersection of two major industries: K-pop and Blockchain.

Though Web3 has been making headway in recent years, blockchain technology is yet to be adopted by the masses. Our project seeks to change this by showing users that blockchain technology doesn’t have to be complicated.

A prime case of how blockchain technology will be utilized is through our voting structure. “Objekts”, our photo card NFTs with one voting right per card, will allow fans to exercise voting rights. On-chain data will ensure fairness and transparency to everyone leaving no room for manipulation.

Through this seamless user experience, fans will be able to not only shape the direction of the idol group but also start their journey into the Web3 world.

4. tripleS: the first decentralized K-pop idol group

tripleS is a K-pop idol group who is undergoing the process of revealing each member. As of today, 3 members of the group have been unveiled with more members to be released in the upcoming weeks!

Jaden Jeong, Founder and CEO of Modhaus, has proven his abilities as Korea’s top A&R expert by previously being the Chief Creative Producer of JYP, Woolim Entertainment, and Sony Music Korea’s Director. He has also worked as the Chief A&R Officer of notable artists such as the following:

  • Wonder Girls: the first Korean artist to enter the Billboard Hot 100
  • 2PM: A the top boy band, debuted 2008, had 1M fandom communities
  • Miss A: Top 10 K-pop Girl Group of the Past Decade by Billboard 2017
  • Lovelyz: Debuted 2014, total 30K+ album sales
  • LOONA: Debuted 2018, millions of fans , ~2M on YouTube & Instagram

Modhaus’ A&R team is going down an unprecedented path of uploading daily videos that are filmed that day. By uploading day-to-day videos filmed from 9am to 6pm, we hope to encourage communication between our fans.

Additionally, Modhaus is going one step further by actively communicating and listening to fans through our various channels. Not only do we engage with our fans, but we also allow fans to name our YouTube Shorts clips. Currently we are giving fans on the Discord server early access to our Shorts clips to which they put in naming suggestions. As we proceed further we hope to give more power over to the fans and introduce more of such events.

5. What’s next?

Our team will launch the first version of our app, “Cosmo”, this June. Our app will allow fans and users to purchase “Objekts”, or photo card NFTs, while also being the main platform where votes will take place.

In the long run, Modhaus seeks to truly shake up the K-pop industry by further expanding the role fans play. By slowly but surely giving more power to the fans, we hope to storm the entertainment industry by force.

We hope that you will be alongside us on this journey.

To commemorate those who are joining tripleS on their first step, we are holding a “Zero Class Objekt” registration event. Please head over to the tripleS website to sign up!

tripleS Official Links

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