The Future of PFP

0. What is DAVA

Make the world know how ____ you are.

1. What is an “Avatar”

Before we move on to other topics, we should first define what an ‘avatar’ is. Is it merely just a graphical image, or is it something more than that?

2. Limits of Current PFP Projects

Countless NFT projects are launching every single day and each has their own characteristics, but they share some common limits. Let’s address those limits.

1) Project Dependency

NFTs are a token standard like ERC20, but they are differentiated from other token standards and blockchain applications in a way that NFTs are much more integrated with their communities.

2) Too Few Selectable Options

Let’s take a look at BAYC. There are 10,000 BAYCs and each BAYC has 7 properties with several properties. You may freely choose from a total pack of 10,000 unique NFTs as your online representation, so there will be enough variations to meet your taste, right? Well, no.

3. What is a Wearable(Customizable) Avatar NFT

0) The Inevitable Future of Wearable(Customizable) Avatar NFTs

PFP NFTs currently have their own distinct value and will continue to do so in the future. However, we still need a different way to use NFTs as our avatars.

1) The requirements of Wearable(Customizable) Avatars

So if ‘wearable (customizable) avatars’ are inevitable in the future, what are the requirements for these avatars? We believe that the key requirements are decentralization and (de)composability.

2) The issues on Wearable(Customizable) Avatars

However, the implementation of a wearable avatar system is not as easy as it seems. We have to consider the NFT marketplace systems, wearable assets, image rendering structures, and so on. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the prevalent issues.

4. The Unique Utility of Wearable NFTs

Unlike the usual non-customizable PFP NFTs, wearable(customizable) avatars are composed of 2 layers: the avatar and the wearables. Much like how you enjoy fashion in your real life, you can purchase or mint wearable NFTs and dress your avatar NFT anywhere, anytime. Here are the unique values wearable NFTs can propose.

1) Proof of Everything

A wearable NFT is still an NFT with some additional features thrown in. So it still can be used as a ‘proof of something’. Wearable NFTs can be used as proof of attendance like POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol), proof of membership like VeeFriends, or you name them. Wearable NFTs allow you to dress your avatars with various types of proofs.

2) Brands, especially Fashion

An NFT is a very attractive tool to drive mass adoption of web3, and is still a blue ocean market. Renowned fashion brands have already made their moves. NIKE has acquired RTFKT Studio, Adidas has launched its membership with BAYC, and Under Armour has sold NFT shoes which can be used in multiple metaverses. However, it is hard to find someone with these literally “wearable” NFTs as his or her profile picture. A standalone pair of shoes or clothing cannot represent someone, but by utilizing wearable NFTs, we can bring them to life by equipping them on avatars.

3) Just show who you are

I personally like simple gray shirts and baggy pants. Regardless of the brands I am wearing, I just prefer that simple style. However, it would be impossible for me to find a PFP NFT that wears gray shirts and baggy pants unless I mint my own one. If there was a public wearable NFT marketplace, allowing people to design, sell, and buy their favorite wearable NFTs, I would not suffer such nuisance. By opening the way to customize your own avatar in any way you wish, we provide a tool anyone can leverage to promote self-expression.

5. What is DAVA up to?

We have built a customizable avatar that can wear web2 and web3 brands and hang around in the multi-metaverse. We plan to bring various IPs in the form of wearables and give them immortality as DAVA avatars progress into the metaverse. Users will be able to represent themselves through an endless collection of wearables, and the DAVA avatars and the IPs will live forever in the blockchain.

1) Well known IPs as Wearables

2) Provide Wearable Avatar System as a Service

3) Increase Wearable NFT Utilities via Web3 Games, SNS, and so on

As the project grows, more IPs will be secured in the DAVA ecosystem. These wearable assets will be especially useful in the web3 gaming industry and in the metaverse-related services, thus we are going to provide a high quality full 3D asset package. By allowing external developers and projects to use these assets, projects that integrate DAVA avatars will be able to save costs and to easily onboard DAVA community users.



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