Unlocking the UNOPND World

2 min readOct 5, 2021


About Us

UNOPND, a new blockchain company powered by Hashed, is launching to support and study new innovative use cases of blockchain technology for Metaverse and NFT applications.

As a startup studio, UNOPND will incubate projects adding fresh ideas and know-how while listening to the voices of communities. Our veteran developers are researching and building products truly needed by everyone. Innovative experiments are being undertaken by product designers with decades of experience.

These efforts will be put into every project and create synergy in the Metaverse. The concept of the Metaverse and provable ownership, while still raw and nascent, holds immense promise in revolutionizing the way users consume entertainment. This opens up a much wider addressable market for blockchain than financial applications alone. We believe our projects will scale the entire crypto space and be loved by the masses.

Meanwhile, Hashed, a global early-stage venture fund behind UNOPND, will provide access to a wide network and deep insights into the crypto market. This will be critical to the business and product development of UNOPND. Hashed has been well recognized, especially in the gaming field, exemplified by the huge success in investing in and supporting Axie Infinity very early on in various aspects.

Aiming the NFT Space

We are researching almost all areas of the NFT space while building teams for fast execution and launch. Three NFT-focused projects are underway at this moment, and one of them will launch within 2021. Also, a Metaverse game will be launching on the Terra blockchain as well. Details about the projects and their launch date will be announced soon.

Each of our projects will create its own ecosystem and eventually create synergy in the OPND world of the Metaverse. Both creators and users will come together as a community in a completely new world, writing their own stories.

UNOPND will build an ecosystem of creators and users, and provide innovative services that unveil the value of blockchain”, said Chan Lee, CEO of UNOPND. “We have witnessed that many blockchain-based games and social services are getting popular in recent years. We want to focus on the market’s demand, especially the communities, to find the most attractive products.”

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UNOPND, a startup studio powered by Hashed, is incubating innovative metaverse and NFT applications.