UNOPND Monthly Recap — April

8 min readMay 4, 2023


Welcome to UNOPND’s April monthly recap!

As one of the largest Web3 accelerators in Asia, UNOPND is dedicated to incubating innovative Metaverse and NFT projects with in-depth knowledge and rich experience of the team.

UNOPND and our portfolio projects have continued to come up with creative use-cases of NFTs and blockchain technology to shift the paradigm of how we interact with Web3.

In this month’s update, we will highlight the latest developments made by our incubated projects, including:

  • Derby Stars, a horse racing Metaverse game that allow players to engage in activities such as leveling-up, breeding, and trading horses using NFTs.
  • Modhaus, a K-pop entertainment agency that utilizes blockchain technology to create fair and transparent system and to let fans take part in decision making process for the artists.
  • XOCIETY, an exceptional AAA Shooter Action Web3 Game developed by a top-level team of over 50 experts with decades of experience in the gaming industry.
  • DAVA, a project leading mass adoption of NFT using composable NFT technology.

We are proud to support these innovative projects and excited to see how they are pushing the boundaries toward creating more open and transparent ecosystem in games, entertainment, and so on.

We hope this monthly recap will give you a better understanding of UNOPND’s mission and the exciting developments taking place in the Web3 space.

Let’s start with Modhaus!

Modhaus Updates

Modhaus is an EnterTech startup with a vision to empower fans by producing artists from the bottom up. Modhaus aims to do this by leveraging NFT and blockchain technology and venturing into unprecedented territories.

ARTMS, composed of former LOONA members Jeon HeeJin, Kim JungEun, Jeong JinSol, and Choi YeRim, has recently started its official activities under Modhaus.


On April 1st, ARTMS opened an official website and various social media channels, including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. This move not only helps the group to connect with fans on a more personal level, but it also provides a platform for fans to stay updated on the group’s latest activities. If you haven’t checked ARTMS new social media channels, here are the links:

ARTMS also had their first profile photoshoot under Modhaus, which showcased the members in a fresh and unique way.

On April 14th, the official ARTMS Discord launched along with a Welcome Class Objekt event for the fans.

Additionally, ARTMS exclusive content ‘Explore Log’ was released.

ARTMS’ Official Links
| Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Tiktok | Discord
Download COSMO:
iOS | Android


EVOLution or LOVElution?

tripleS released Double Class Objekts containing images of characters drawn by the members as a special event for April Fool’s Day. This event was well-received by fans and showcased the group’s creativity in a fun way.

The first Event Gravity for Binary01, where fans decided on tripleS’ fandom name, was held from April 8th to April 10th. Fans suggested fandom names through Discord, and a total of 7 finalists were chosen by tripleS and Modhaus. A total of 101,909 COMO were used, and WAV had the most votes (43,962 COMO) during the Gravity period, making it the official fandom name of tripleS.

On April 14th, S14 Park SoHyun was revealed through a teaser. S14 Park SoHyun participated in a song in the upcoming +(KR)ystal Eyes album <AESTHETIC>.

The album’s teaser was also released, grabbing worldwide attention.

tripleS was also invited to sing the National Anthem and take part in the Opening Pitch for Kiwoom Heroes on April 19th, further increasing their exposure to a wider audience.

Finally, the second Grand Gravity is currently ongoing. Through the Gravity, two Dimensions that maximize tripleS’ skill set will be formed. The two teams are LOVElution and EVOLution. Each team will be composed of 8 members, and the team for 14 members will be decided through the Grand Gravity. Unrevealed members will join each team as hidden cards, S15 will join EVOLution, and S16 will join LOVElution.

Modhaus continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and transparency in the K-pop industry. These updates from ARTMS and tripleS showcase Modhaus’s unique approach to entertainment and its dedication to providing fans with a truly immersive experience. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for these exciting projects.

tripleS’ Official Links
YouTube | TikTok | Twitter | Discord | Instagram
Download COSMO:
iOS | Android

Derby Stars Update

Derby Stars is a Web3 Metaverse horse racing game that offers an immersive experience with beautiful graphics. Players can train horses, breed new horses, and compete in Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP) competition. Here’s a recap of Derby Stars’ monthly update for April.

Derby Stars is constantly updating the game based on metrics and feedback from Early Access. For details on the Early Access, please read Derby Stars Early Access Recap.

Two major demands from users include a mobile version and rental system. In response, Derby Stars has been developing a mobile build, which is progressing smoothly and set to release in Q3 of 2023. Additionally, they are working on a rental system to enable everyone to play the game, not just NFT holders.

Derby Stars is also building new features, including an Encyclopedia game guide system, general conversation improvement, training system upgrade with an enhanced rewarding system, seasonal PVP with a new ranking system, a web shop, a horse rental system, easy sign-up/in and connect wallets, and other systems. Several new features are currently being discussed, and more details will be revealed later.

The art team has been hard at work on the UI, animations, and effects renewal. They’ve added new icons, a new track named “Gloria” for both day and night racing, and renewed animations, such as the Foal’s special skill effect.

Derby Stars has also released two videos. The first video is an Early Access Recap, which highlights and provides insights into the game. The second video showcases a new map for the game.

Derby Stars is pushing the boundaries of decentralized technology and creating new opportunities in the Metaverse. We’re excited to see what’s next for this innovative project.

Derby Stars’ Official Links
Website | Twitter | Discord | Youtube | Whitepaper


Since the DAVA team prioritized building a composableNFT system, it has continued to focus on B2B solutions.

The team has already shared with the community on several occasions that NFTs which are not static, but instead constantly change form or state, will be more suitable for the mass adoption of NFTs. Research is already underway in the Ethereum ecosystem under the name of dynamic NFTs, and other chains are continuing to work on NFTs with changing state values, which means their attributes can change over time.

From a development perspective, the DAVA team has created an NFT minting tool, a voting system, an avatar creation tool, and is currently finalizing the development of an NFT drop tool. The primary development is expected to be completed by mid-May, and the team plans to upgrade it through various tests.

In terms of business, the team has confirmed pilot tests with two partners, which will utilize all or part of the aforementioned composableNFT system in their services and will be conducted before full-scale introduction to their products. While specific project names for these pilots cannot be revealed, the DAVA team will be running two pilots, one in late May and one in early June. Through these pilot tests, the team will validate its skills and thesis.

DAVA’s Official Links
| Twitter | Discord | Medium


Shoot, Earn, Pioneer. Now We Live in XOCIETY.

It’s been a revealing month for XOCIETY, with two large details revealed. First up, XOCIETY has pulled the curtain back on explicit details of exactly what Pioneers get when owning a Frontier NFT Avatar. They look awesome and they grant you awesome benefits across XOCIETY. Want to know just how dope Frontier NFT Avatars look? Check out this intro below.

XOCIETY’s Frontier NFT Avatars are more than just collectibles, each one has serious benefits for you as a holder. There are plenty of awesome things that your Frontier NFT Avatar will grant you, both in the game world of XOCIETY and in the real world.

  • Exclusive access to early play sessions: the chance to earn tokens, in-game rewards, and more.
  • Shape the direction of XOCIETY development.
  • All XOCIETY Frontier NFT Avatar will be minted on ETH.
  • XOCIETY Frontier NFT Avatars are split into 4 grades, with each grade granting boosts to in-game benefits.
  • Each grade will have access to extra customization, via skins — known as TEXTUS as well as other holder-only drops.
  • All Frontier NFT Avatar will grant holders the same real-world benefits, regardless of grades.

Details of how to claim your mintlist spots

It wasn’t just details of Frontier NFT Avatars, XOCIETY has also released details on just how you can get a Mintlist pot, as well as rules.

All you need is the right amount of NTx and you can register. XOCIETY’s mint will be split into three Stages: Redlist, Mintlist, and Public.

Too long won’t read version:

  • When connecting to the Mintlist site you’ll be asked to connect to the Ethereum Network, this is correct. In the NTx section, you’ll make a request to burn NTx. XOCIETY’s backend will handle this for you. Ethereum & Polygon Network have parity, so it will all work seamlessly with your wallet.
  • Convert 25 NTx to Mintlist spots at
  • Mint is in three phases: Redlist, Mintlist & Public
  • 2 Mintlist Spots per Wallet address + 1 Redlist Spot for those who made the cut.
  • 1 Frontier NFT Avatar per Mintlist spot
  • All Phases are on First come first served rules
  • XOCIETY will announce the exact sale dates and rules soon

Read full details at XOCIETY Frontier NFT Avatar Mintlist Details

As well as all of that XOCIETY found the time to put together a brand new teaser, showing off more awesome PVP action, tht you’ll get your hands on, after XOCIETY’s NFT sale.

XOCIETY’s Official Links
Website | Twitter | Discord




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