UNOPND Monthly Recap — February

8 min readMar 3, 2023


February has been an exciting month with lots of new updates and developments. We are glad you’ve been part of the journey as UNOPND continues to grow.

This month, UNOPND hosted its first GMCM, a meetup for Web3 community builders, Derby Stars announced and launched the Early Access version of the game, tripleS of Modhaus marked successful debut with the song “Rising”, XOCIETY revealed its partnership with Ben Mauro (Halo, Call of Duty) and more.

Here are our key takeaways for February.


On February 23rd, UNOPND hosted GMCM to provide a space where community managers can meet others Web3 builders and share their ideas and experiences. Nathan Kim, the Marketing Director from UNOPND and Agwn, CEO and Co-founder from Ludium (Web3 Onboarding Station) were the speakers to share their remarkable thoughts.

GMCM held in Hashed Lounge

Nathan Kim started the keynote introducing the roles of Web3 community managers and the importance of their work for the overall project. He also shared the challenges they will face over the years of community building and managing and how to overcome them, as the title was ‘The Way to Survive as Community Manager in Web3’.

Nathan Kim (UNOPND) presenting his keynote

Agwn spoke about the difference between Web2 and Web3 community management. While Web2 platform’s goal is to make value by selling products to the community, Web3 protocol’s goal is to make value by sharing compensation with community. Community is no longer just a small voice from customers, it is more like building a ‘borderless’, ‘culture sharing’, and ‘plural’ ecosystem.

Agwn (Ludium) showing the difference between Web2 & Web3

The networking section was a great opportunity for community managers to connect with one another. Over 70 attendees including veteran community managers came to connect, learn from each other and collaborate on exciting projects within the Web3 industry.


Behind the scene of “Rising” MV

Modhaus is an EnterTech startup with a vision to empower fans by producing artists from the bottom up. Modhaus aims to do this by leveraging NFT and blockchain technology and venturing into unprecedented territories.

On February 13th, tripleS made their long-awaited 10 member debut with their main song “Rising.” The main track “Rising” is especially meaningful as it was directly selected by the fans through a blockchain voting process called “Gravity” last December.

<ASSEMBLE> features 8 tracks — “Rising,” “Beam,” “Colorful,” “The Baddest,” “New Look” and “Chowall.” “Rising” focuses on girls chasing their dreams. In an era that is cynical about dreams and often ridicules those who dream, tripleS sings about how valuable it is to fight for your dreams and make them come to life.

tripleS and Modhaus celebrated the 10 member debut with their fans by holding a Pre-Con. Avid fans came from far and wide to see their favorite artist.

February also marked the end of the ATOM01 season and the beginning of the BINARY01 season. With the change of seasons new Objekts, or photocard NFTs of Modhaus, were released.

Modhaus’ efforts to communicate with their fans don’t stop here. From January 30th to February 6th members of tripleS went LIVE on the tripleS Discord server. Fans had the chance to ask questions and communicate with tripleS.

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Derby Stars

Let’s run together with Derby Stars

Long-awaited Derby Stars’ Early Access version has been finally launched!

Derby Stars is a metaverse horse racing game, which offers players an immersive experience with beautiful graphics. Players can also train horses and send them to various races, breed new horses and compete in Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP) competition.

For detailed guidelines about the Early Access, including PC System Requirements, please read below overview.

After the EA season, the team will gather all the feedbacks from the players and continue to develop for the Alpha version. Players can expect more features such an avatar customization, stable management simulation, rental marketplace, and more.

The Early Access version is available on PC and Mac, and anyone with Derby Stars Horse NFT can play. This version can support Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, and English to make the game accessible to more audiences.

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The last three months have been quite eventful for DAVA. Because DAVA Eternal didn’t meet the expectation of the team, they had to determine restructuring and change the project’s direction. Especially since the team had to confront a question of whether the project was sustainable after spending all of the funds from the NFT sale.

As we all remember, FTX collapsed in November and the market started to freeze even more drastically, causing many Web3 projects to call it quits. DAVA was not immune to the impact, so it was impossible for the project to continue without a survival plan.

In late November, UNOPND, the incubator of DAVA, decided to support financial and human resources for the project. In return, UNOPND asked DAVA to do three things:

  1. Restructure the team — it’s not possible to maintain the existing team size without a substantial influx of funds
  2. Stop developing DAVA Eternal — not only is it difficult to develop a game with only a handful of core people left, but this is essentially a call to return the project to the direction we envisioned in the early stages and focus on what this team is good at
  3. Change in the leadership — in the sense that we need people who can fill in the gaps in the team

As a result, the project is now run by five core developers from the DAVA team, with support from UNOPND in the areas of business development, marketing, and community. Also, GD Kim, COO of UNOPND, is now in charge of the project.

Project direction
The team would like to focus on developing the composable NFT system for mass adoption. NFTs are becoming popular at a very fast pace over the years, especially in the South Korean market, where the team is based, which is unparalleled by any other region.In particular, large enterprises are actively utilizing NFTs and are expected to do so more aggressively.

In this market transformation, the team believes that the demand for composable NFTs will inevitably increase, and the fact that several NFT blue-chip projects are adopting the concept of composability is an important sign.

With this perspective, DAVA intends to advance the composable NFT technology underlying the project and provide this technology to let various projects utilize it flexibly.

Direction of DAVA Ecosystem

In January of this year, we completed the deployment of a wearable minting tool and a voting system for wearable parts to allow anyone to create new parts to use and trade within the DAVA ecosystem. We also have plans to remove maximize the diversity and decentralization of the ecosystem.

More details including how we plan to activate the community, the utility of the humanoid NFT will be shared through DAVA’s official channels soon. If you’re interested in learning more about the future of DAVA, please head over to the Discord channel.

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Shoot, Earn, Pioneer. Now We Live in XOCIETY.
XOCIETY is a metaverse with shooter mechanics at its core.

February has been an exciting month for XOCIETY, the hard work on development continues on with a new mini-combat teaser, AMA and community outreach. Not only that but two major announcements have come, read on for all the details.

XOCIETY’s community is rapidly growing, thanks to the release of a brand new combat teaser, while short it really shows of the flow of combat that players will experience, shot all in-game this is one that really helps to show just a little bit more of what the team is aiming for in our upcoming holder test.

On top of that XOCIETY revealed a brand-new step in it’s Co-work mission.

What’s co-work? It’s the community’s chance to have a deep impact on the XOCIETY project, helping us reach core decisions. XOCIETY is refining it’s brand identity and our community of pioneers are helping us pick, voting is happening in the XOCIETY discord. So, hop in, vote and earn NTx for doing so!

XOCIETY has also been sharing its vision and word, across Web3 with a double hitter of AMAs, one spreading the word in a hosted Twitter Spaces, and the other via ADMENDAO in their Japanese community.

Catch up with Head of Community, Ryan in the hosted spaces:

As well as a Japanese write-up from ADMEN DAO


However, the biggest news for XOCIETY is a double hitter. First Details of XOCIETY’s Mintlist process has been revealed. With a limited number up for those who have been active in the community already, it’s time to get moving. All the details of validating your NTx and redeeming it for a Mintlist spot are in XOCIETY’s Mintlist Article.

Get on XOCIETY’s Mintlist

Lastly, XOCIETY is also delighted to reveal the details of one of our partnerships. XOCIETY and Ben Mauro, famous for working on The Hobbit, Call of Duty and Halo gaming franchises is bringing his EVOLUTION NFT collection to the world of XOCIETY, with unique benefits to holders and more. Read the full story here:

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