UNOPND Monthly Recap — January, 2023

7 min readJan 31, 2023

The first month of 2023 is already over! January is always an exciting month as it is the best month to start new resolutions for the rest of the year. What were your new year’s resolutions?

We hope you had wonderful New Year holidays and we wish you the best of luck for this year!

In January, UNOPND continued to work hard for each project. Additionally, we introduced our new partner, Kingdom Story: Heroes War made by Softnyx. Also, we conducted an interview with our proud creative production team, Kentin Creative.

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Partnership with Kingdom Story: Heroes War

UNOPND has announced a new partnership with Kingdom Story: Heroes War, Softnyx’s strategic RPG game. Softnyx, with its core team with over 20 years of expertise in mobile game industry, has jumped into blockchain gaming to expand the overall user experience.

We believe that Kingdom Story will not only overcome several obstacles that exist in the current Web3 market, but also lead to Web3 mass adoption in the gaming industry.

UNOPND, with our various know-hows and insights on Web3 projects, will pass on out expertise to Kingdom Story including token economy and community building strategy. Please look forward to the project!

Interview with Kentin Creative

We sat down with the core team members of Kentin Creative, Sanghoon Cha, Head Director and Jimin Jeung, Lead Producer, to learn more about the team.

Kentin Creative is a Web3 video production studio and major partner of UNOPND in charge of all the creative production of UNOPND and its partner projects. Like their name, Kentin Creative strives to create a place where everyone can comfortably browse through their tastes and freely express their creativity, which encourages creative collaboration and exploration.

Kentin Creative seeks to solve problems of the traditional video production industry by utilizing blockchain technology. With its amazing team members, Kentin aims to set new standards of creative production.

Derby Stars

Derby Stars team is doing its last spurt toward the Early Access launch in February. In preparing for the launch, the team updated its White Paper and held a very engaging townhall AMA. We could feel the heat from the community. So many things happened along the way, but Derby Stars is getting near to the goal!

Have you checked Derby Stars’ updated White Paper?

The updated version includes new in-game contents such as the PvP Tournament and other improvements on game systems. Also, there was adjustment to the Tokenomics and Game Rewards system: increase in the allocation of issued ratios for players and the addition of a separate issuance plan for community users. This will allow more rewards and support for the Derby Stars community.

For more detail please read below:

The team held a 85-minute AMA session on Discord. During the townhall meeting, there were some important announcements made and thorough explanations on those decisions.

To sum up the AMA, the team answered questions on how the Early Access would look like and how the overall tokenomics have changed from the previous version.

For full transcription of the AMA, please read below recap:

In preparation for the Early Access, Derby Stars has announced an Ecosystem Program for Content Creator & Streamers. The team is looking for partners who will discover the game and help gamers to learn and enjoy it together. The program is to support content creation and build a better gaming environment.

If you are interested in joining the ecosystem, please visit Derby Stars’ Twitter.

Lastly, long-awaited Early Access build is completed! The build is now under the QA(Quality Assurance) testing for the best quality for the Early Access.

Are you ready to gallop with Derby Stars?

To the goal!

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Shoot, Earn, Pioneer. Now We Live in XOCIETY.
XOCIETY is a metaverse with shooter mechanics at its core.

January and late December have been busy months for XOCIETY. With a lot of behind-the-scenes work being carried out as the whole team of XOCIETY gets ready to push hard for a strong 2023. The team has been hard at work on, a combat demo, a brand-new website, and a push into NFT communities.

Team NDUS, the developers of XOCIETY has been hard at work getting a Combat Demo ready. This is a fully playable slice of the game and will be a key benefit for NFT Avatar holders of XOCIETY Frontier. It will show off the full range of combat and avatar customization available to gamers. It also allows for multiplayer combat, as well as showing off the scenario ranking.

This small slice of the larger ideas of XOCIETY is the first step of Team NDUS in showing off what the project is about. Get a sneak peek of this combat demo in the video below!

It’s not just hidden combat demos that the team has been working on, XOCEITY has also completely refreshed their home page, giving a greater emphasis on XOCIETY’s unique look and feel. Videos of fully realized 3D Frontier NFT Avatars, concept art Galleries, and more.

Across the community, two significant steps have been taken, the first being a serious deep dive into what XOCIETY is, giving details on The Team, XOCIETY’s world, XOCIETY’s Shoot, Earn, Pioneer philosophy, plans for creators and co-working, DAO & Governance as well as plans for interoperability of your NFTs.

It’s a serious statement of intent for the project and our community. Read all the details in the deep dive article.

They have also started reaching out to amazing groups in the NFT space. Helping to spread the word, and it’s paying off. Over 13,000 Pioneers! have already joined the community through Discord and Twitter. XOCIETY’s reach is moving swiftly becoming global, thanks to community members like yKAZy, who gave a great shout-out and write-up, helping to reach out to the Japanese Web3 community.

XOCIETY’s community of Pioneers is steadily growing. If you’re not one of them, why not? Get involved and start heading toward mint. Making it even easier, XOCIETY has an awesome event for you to get involved in. This a super easy 3-Line summary tweet challenge, check out the tweet below and get working on the Mintlist.

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Modhaus is a Web3 Enter-tech company with the purpose of including fans across all stages of production. Through NFT and Blockchain technology, Modhaus hopes to grow with their fans by giving them decision making power over tripleS.

tripleS members from s1 to s12

So far, the team and their fans have worked together in the unit formation of Acid Angel from Asia and choosing the upcoming <ASSEMBLE> album’s debut main song.

During the month of January, the Modhaus team was busy preparing for the upcoming album <ASSEMBLE>, which is to be released on February 13th.

<ASSEMBLE> will feature tripleS’ 10 member unit for the very first time with tripleS performing at their Pre-Con in the coming weeks.

The team’s efforts don’t stop here. The S and members of Modhaus are currently holding live chats via their Discord server. S are communicating with their fans through voice and more than 750 fans tuned in for the first session held on January 30th.

Also, the highly anticipated 11th and 12th S, or members of tripleS, were revealed. The release of the two S were especially memorable because both were revealed at tripleS’ Tokyo HAUS.

Lastly, Modhaus has just opened its Medium blog! Through this new platform, they are planning to provide a variety of new contents and insights to draw more attention to tripleS and the company. The first post is on the vision of Modhaus in creating a new paradigm for K-Pop.
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