UNOPND Monthly Recap — March

6 min readApr 4, 2023


UNOPND monthly recap for March

Welcome to our monthly update for March!

UNOPND is a Web3 accelerator that incubates innovative metaverse and NFT applications.

It has been a busy month for both UNOPND and our partner projects. Derby Stars has successfully launched its Early Access version, Modhaus’s tripleS made a grand debut, and XOCIETY has seen multiple partners join, including ANCIENT8, Pro Gamer DAO, and GUILDFI.

UNOPND X Seoul Meta Week 2023

UNOPND has recently announced its co-hosting of Seoul Meta Week 2023. Seoul Meta Week is one of the biggest Metaverse events in Asia, and we are looking forward to building the most exciting Web3 event of 2023 together. Find more information about the event here.

Let’s dive in to more update on our partner projects.

Modhaus Updates

Modhaus is an EnterTech startup with a vision to empower fans by producing artists from the bottom up. Modhaus aims to do this by leveraging NFT and blockchain technology and venturing into unprecedented territories.

On March 3rd, 2023 tripleS Youtube channel reached 1 Million subscribers. tripleS has been sending signals — daily vlog video — everyday for 10 months. Thank you for your attention and support.

From March 1st to 5th, the first tripleS Pop-up store opened in THE HYUNDAI SEOUL. The pop-up store was decorated with the concept of the debut album “ASSEMBLE”.

Kotone(S11) and YeonJi(S12) visited the pop-up store and shared their visit via Youtube. For those who couldn’t visit the pop-up, you can take a brief look at the pop-up store in the video.

Also, Modhaus announced on their official website that they have signed an exclusive contract with former LOONA members Jeon HeeJin, Kim JungEun, Jeong JinSol, and Choi YeRim. Please keep your eyes on what to come.

On March 17th ~ 19th the first tripleS Objekt Trading Cafe opened in cafe Lucky Ducky in Myeongdong. tripleS members themselves visited the cafe and traded objekts with some fans!

Last but not least, the highly anticipated S13(Nien) was revealed through a teaser. Please welcome Nien!

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Shoot, Earn, Pioneer. Now We Live in XOCIETY.
XOCIETY is a metaverse with shooter mechanics at its core.

It’s been a killer month for XOCIETY. Numerous partners announced details on how NTx will play a part in Mintlist and a brand new Web3 series launched. The No Free Lunch Series gives you everything you need to know about XOCIETY’s plans in terms of Web3 and more.

XOCIETY revealed more plans for how NTx, our rewarding system for Pioneers will be used. When we say NTx is more than Mintlist, XOCIETY means it. NTX, while being an ERC-1155 token, will be redeemable for Mintlist spots, and benefits during XOCIETY’s Frontier NFT Avatar sale.

Post Mintlist NTx benefits can include, Public sale discounts, Early access to NFT sales, Limited access to test events, In-game packs, and Resource benefits.

Get the full details here:

March also has seen a flurry of partners, coming to the world of XOCIETY.

Partnership with Ancient 8, ARKPIA, ProGamer DAO

ProGamer DAO, a leading Web3 community created by an elite group of hardcore gamers was a natural partner. Hot on their tail, Ancient8, who manages one of the largest blockchain gaming guilds, is bringing their power to the world of XOCIETY too.

Adding to this ARKPIA, an art startup that converts the works of global artists into Web3 to create value as digital assets, joins too. Together, we’ll be able to bring the IP of famous artists into the XOCIETY Metaverse. Three awesome new partners in one month, not bad!

The core Web3 principles of XOCIETY

XOCIETY has been steadily showing off in-game footage and images, but now it’s time to kick into high gear and show deeper Web3 principles.

We’ve launched the “No Free Lunch” series, which will regularly show our thinking behind the core ideas of our Web3 offering. We’ve already covered 3 core topics,

**A Healthy Economy** — How can scarcity make a better system, especially for games

Resources pt1 — Resource scarcity, via the in-game item MOTUS.

**The Role of Creators** — Proper Incentives for creators, makes a better-curated world

It’s quite meaty stuff, so strap in and get up to speed with XOCIETY’s vision and how we’ll blend Web3 and gaming to make a powerful experience.

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DAVA Updates

Design your own avatar

There are three main things that DAVA shared with the community last month:

  1. DAVA is focusing on making composable NFTs more accessible to the public.
  2. The team will build on what it has developed to date to advance composable NFT technology and develop tools that are essential to building the ecosystem.
  3. The team is focusing on technology rather than IP and prioritizing enterprise and collaboration with other projects over retail.

In January, the team built the basic framework for the avatar ecosystem that DAVA has envisioned from the beginning of the project: NFT issuance tool and community voting system for NFTs.

The NFT minting tool, community voting system, and avatar customization tool are now running.

Since it’s always important to set a priority, DAVA is currently focusing on developing the “NFT drop tool”. It is a tool that allows partners who use DAVA’s avatar system to easily drop parts. At first glance, it might sound like it’s just a drop tool, but it’s not!

The simplest way to drop parts is to drop them to all users or to drop them to a certain wallet address. Yet, in this way, it’s not possible to drop parts to selective users.

DAVA’s NFT drop tool will be able to identify the characteristics of users based on their transaction patterns, wallet information, and behavior, so users of this tool can selectively drop NFTs based on this information.

The team has started working on this tool since February, and it’s expected to complete development in the first half of the year.

So please look forward to DAVA’s latest development and what’s more to come.

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Derby Stars Updates

Thank you for playing Derby Stars’ early access version!

Derby Stars is a metaverse horse racing game that offers players an immersive experience with beautiful graphics. Players can also train horses and send them to various races, breed new horses, and compete in Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP) competition.

From Feb. 27 to Mar. 20, Derby Stars opened its Early Access version to the community to give a taste of the game. Since it was an early access version, there were, of course, areas to improve and fix, but the community enjoyed the overall gameplay, and the team was able to collect valuable feedback from the users.

As a pleasant surprise, the response was more enthusiastic than the team expected. Below are a few metrics about the early access season:

  • Daily active users: 3,424
  • Daily gameplay on average: 101 mins
  • Total play counts (PvE Training): 40,683
  • Total play counts (PvP Racing): 76,213

The players encouraged the team with a lot of positive feedbacks:

“Best graphics across Web2 and Web3.”
“The most fun of all the P2E games.”
“I know from EA that they’re really trying to make the best game they can.”
“I look forward to playing the Alpha build soon.”

The team also quickly responded to reports on bugs and issues and fixed problems, including login issues after breeding, incorrect displays, and wrong translations.

The EA is over, but the team is now preparing for the next step — the alpha launch! The team will incorporate all the feedback and ideas from the users to come up with a complete version with more fun and unlimited contents to enjoy.

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