Unopnd Monthly Recap — November

7 min readNov 30, 2022

Hello UNOPND community! We are back with a November recap.

Hope you had a great thanksgiving week. We are very thankful for your attention and support throughout the year.

As we are heading to the end of the year, each team under UNOPND incubation is rolling even faster. Let’s review what happened this month and get ready for our final month!

G-Star 2022

This month, our team attended G-Star 2022, one of the major gaming events, held in Busan, South Korea. We couldn’t miss a chance to meet game creators and fans. Unfortunately, due to the uneasy crypto market situation, there were hardly any Web3 games, and interest on metaverse and VR seems to have declined compared to previous years.

G-Star 2022 in Bexco, Busan!

Yet, G-Star showed how bright the future of South Korea’s gaming industries and businesses around the gaming culture are. Korea has one of the biggest Esports industries in the world with great game studios including 3N-Nexon, Netmarble and NCSoft. These studios showcased their recent and pre-released games and thousands of gamers waited more than 2 hours to try those games.

Netmarble holding live events with esports players

Also, Unopnd held meetings with 20+ companies during the event. We were surprised by how interest in crypto was still high. Big game companies were making their moves to apply web3 technology to enhance user experience and to form a unique game ecosystem. We showed how we could share our know-hows on building token/NFT economy as we have accumulated experience through actual projects.

From left to right: Olivia Song (Avalanche); Jinpyo Hong (Marblex); Nathan Kim (Unopnd); Sean Chung (Chainlinks Labs)

Lastly, we also attended various side events. Chainlink held a Web3 event “Unlocking Next Generation of Gaming”, where our Marketing Director, Nathan Kim, participated as one of the panels. The panel discussion was specifically on the making the leap from Web2 to Web3 and Nathan shared his insight as following:

  • Big global companies such as Starbucks and Reddit have already started to apply blockchain technology and tokenomics system into their businesses. It’s because Web3 allows users to directly contribute to develop the ecosystems.
  • They have successfully made their users make wallets through easy-to-understand products and features but now they have to allow them to utilize their NFTs or crypto assets — for example, through tokenomics or rewards for contribution.
  • Among over 2 billion gamers globally, only few million users are in web3 gaming industry. The next stage will begin when the rest of the gamers get onboard as Web3 game can provide them with users with convenient user experience.
  • The gaming sector has huge potential to attract millions of users and this can lead to the creation of a large volume of on-chain transactions. These will allow money flow into the blockchain network in form of incentives and eventually revitalize the market.
  • Also, there are many different elements that users can utilize blockchain technology to interact within a game.Web3 games have potential to expand game experience and provide incentives to the users, and the game studios have to balance well between fun and incentives.

Unopnd Monthly Seminar

As we introduced in last month’s recap, Unopnd is holding a monthly seminar. On October, four speakers from UNOPND made their session by the following topics:

  • GD Kim, COO at UNOPND, gave session about what projects have to think about regarding regulations when they are preparing their project with the title ‘Next Cycle: How Regulations will Affect Tokenomics’
  • Seungmin Kim, Marketing Manager at UNOPND, gave session about possibilities of future entertainment market with the title ‘Entertainment and Web3.0 Possibilities’
  • Sanghyeok Lim, Project Manager at UNOPND, gave session about the stream where NFT marketplaces are headed to with the title ‘NFT marketplace Paradigm Shift(2)’

You can also check our recent update on October’s seminar on Youtube and Twitter.

Let’s meet the teams.


Modhaus is a Web3 project which aims to include fans across all stages of production. By leveraging NFTs and blockchain technology, Modhaus is venturing into unprecedented territory by producing artists from the bottom up instead of the top down.

Acid Angel from Asia (AAA), the first unit of tripleS, debuted last October 28th. The title track ‘Generation’ captured the hearts of fans domestically and internationally.

Here are some metrics AAA and Modhaus attained throughout AAA’s debut promotion period:

  • Ranked #2 on the Korean music show, “THE SHOW”
  • 28M views of their music video on YouTube
  • 10M views of their performance on TikTok
  • 500K subscribers on YouTube
  • Over 700K followers on TikTok
You can now buy Objekts at GS25 convenience stores

Modhaus’ achievements don’t stop here. Over the course of November, Modhaus achieved the following:

  • “Objekts”, or Modhaus’ NFTs started their sales at GS​​25 convenience stores
  • Revealed S9, Kaede, as a new member of tripleS (link)
  • Partnered with the Sandbox, GuildFi, Ancient8, LoK

The first-ever “Event Gravity”, or an NFT-based voting process, is scheduled to be held starting December 1st. This Gravity will enable fans to vote for the main song of tripleS’ upcoming album out of 8 songs.

YouTube | TikTok | Twitter | Discord | Instagram

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Derby Stars

Derby Stars team is focusing on Alpha Launch. The team has been pushing out the limit to provide the masterpiece.

Here is main updates of Derby Stars in November

  • Random Box event ended
  • M6 Build Test: Fixing bugs
  • Fix issues of mainnet V0 contract
  • Update mainnet V1 contract
  • Set up the QA infra server
  • Whitepaper updating

Successfully Ended the Randombox Event

Over 30K people participated in the Random Box event, forming over 70 new partnerships with the Derby Stars team. During the event, the size of the community more than doubled, and we were once again surprised by our solid community. It’s too hot to be in the community 😊

The team is still building for the alpha launch. The dev team has been thoroughly fixing the minor bugs. Until the alpha launch, the team is targeting a seamless user experience for the current and potential holders.

what a bug! racers without horses…

New Whitepaper is Coming Soon!

When the team initially designed the tokenomics for the game, it was about a year ago and many things have been changed since then. So the Derby Stars team is preparing to revamp tokenomics. In order to provide a substantial and flawless model, we have been simulating several token economy models with the current game build. In this tokenomics model, we have not only considered the current market trends but also applied the unique model for the Derby Stars, which will make the game economy more differentiated.

More information about tokenomics will be available soon, so stay tuned.

Website | Twitter | Discord


XOCIETY is a metaverse with shooter mechanics at its core. Starting with a well-developed MMOTPS core, it will progress to land and resource ownership with robust tokenomics and creator economy.

Shoot, Earn, Pioneer. Build Your Metaverse.

November has seen some big events for XOCIETY. With a large jump across our communities, the message of XOCIETY is getting out there. XOCIETY’s Twitter account is regularly running events where you can win NTx, our community-building token. And right now, it’s running a milestone event.

Follow and help XOCIETY grow to win NTx and rewards that go beyond just NFTs.

XOCIETY Discord Launched

XOCIETY has also recently opened its Discord, and now is the time to get in and get involved with making it the best it can be.

Be on the lookout for stealth drops of content, dev work, regular events for mintlist spots, and your chance to make a difference by contributing to the development of XOCIETY.

XOCIETY’s first AMA with XOCIETY Lead Director Old Ginger

It didn’t take long for XOCIETY’s Discord to get put to good use, hosting the first AMA for the project. Lead Director Old Ginger took to the server to answer a small number of questions, from details on the role NFTs will play in XOCEITY, plans for Land utilization and questions on mechanics, like companions.

Old Ginger also found the time to drop a video of work done on a partnership that’s underway. Check it out in the XOCIETY Discord, AMA section.

With all this growth, now is the perfect time to register for NTx, to make sure you do not miss out on any rewards

🎫︱Register for NTx here:

Till next month, Participate = NTx = Mintlist and beyond!

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