Unopnd Monthly Recap — October

6 min readOct 31, 2022

Hello, Unopnd community! Here is a monthly recap for October.

Hope you guys had an amazing October. The chills of winter are about to come but the cold doesn’t bother us. We had another busy month, heating up for each projects.

We give you this month’s updates on our company and projects. Let’s dive in right away!

IRL Events

This month, Unopnd members participated in two major blockchain IRL events in South Korea: Seoul Meta Week 2022 and Blockchain Week Busan 2022.

Seoul Meta Week 2022

Seoul Meta Week 2022 was held in Seoul on October 4 to 6 and featured two main conferences — Blockchain Open Forum and Metacon x NFT Seoul 2022. It was one of the biggest NFT x Metaverse events in Asia bringing various leading international companies and speakers together to share their opinions and create networks.

Unopnd Marketing Director, Nathan Kim joined a panel discussion in Blockchain Open Forum, and Unopnd COO, GD Kim presented about our projects in Metacon.

Nathan Jinwoo Kim on panel discussion

Nathan Kim joined in a panel discussion “The Accelerating and Ecosystem of Blockchain” with Trevor Owens of Stacks Foundation, Heston Cho of Krust, Bill Byeon of Encoding Labs. He explained how, as an accelerator, it is important to improve the accessibility and usability of Web 3 for the users.

Also, he added Unopnd believes that the Web 3 gaming sector has huge potential when it successfully onboard Web 2 gamers around the world. This is why we have to focus on long-term goals rather than trying to create an ecosystem in a rush. In a bear market, the activeness of Web 3 community users tend to decrease. Therefore, projects need to have convenient and easy-to-use features that will onboard web 2 gamers.

GD Kim presenting Unopnd

GD Kim introduced projects that Unopnd is currently incubating — Derby Stars, XOCIEY, and Modhaus — and shared how we are building these projects in this bear market.

BWB 2022

BWB 2022, was hosted by Busan Metropolitan City at BEXCO on Oct 27 ~ 29, sponsored by Binance, FTX and Huobi. With the theme of “Blockchain, City and Life”, BWB 2022 featured conferences for the advancement of the blockchain industry and provided a space to obtain insight as well as to share information.

At the main conference hall, Web 3 companies in Korea opened a booth to promote their product and get connected with new partners. Chainlink, DWF labs, Avalanche, BNB and Coinness hosted side events for various builders to learn, discuss and network.

Nathan Kim, Marketing Director of UNOPND held a session at Bexco Future Hall on the last day of the conference, Oct. 29, and shared insight about how the community shows potential in the Web 3 game ecosystem.

He emphasized the importance of community members and leadership of the team as these are the main factors that can lead to massive growth of the Web 3 game market. In a sound Web 3 gaming ecosystem, communities create content, educate newbies and help the project spontaneously. Eventually, they will grow socially and financially making the community stronger.

Unopnd Monthly Seminar

Unopnd is holding a monthly seminar and we are updating the full video and summary via Youtube and Medium. Please visit our latest update on September’s seminar on “NFT Market Awaiting the Next Cycle” for key points.

Now, let us give you details on each project.

Derby Stars

Derby Stars is a horse racing Metaverse P2E game on @0xPolygon

  • Randombox NFT event is still ongoing, from which participants can get a chance to win Origin Derby NFTs for free. Prizes are composed of 1 Unique horse, 199 Rare/common horses and 800 Starter packs which can be exchanged to give some boost when the game is launched.
  • More than 30K users have already joined the event and it will last until early November.
  • Do you want to participate? The fastest way to join is through participating in the public raffle or watch out for various events via Derby Stars’ twitter and discord.

So don’t miss your chance!

  • As Randombox event is gaining massive attention from various communities, Derby Stars twitter followers has reached ATH 70K. Till now, Derby has collaborated with 50+ projects, communities and guilds to expand Derby Stars community.
Community is growing fast as we are heading the launch!
  • As game launch is just around the corner, various in-game contents are opened to our community members. We have opened a poll to listen to the community’s voice through interactive content.

Website | Twitter | Discord


XOCIETY is a Science Fantasy inspired MMOTPS experience, which will be pioneered into a wider Metaverse with community and player support.

Introducing NTx! — A Soulbound non-tradeable token giving wide benefits for community participation.

  • XOCIETY will regularly run events to help share and grow the community and to help you show off the work Team NDUS has been doing in development, art, and more. When we do, every single participant will gain NTx as a recognition of your efforts. No wasted effort, you try, you get rewarded.
  • XOCIETY has been dropping details on its world and answering questions from its community. Asking questions in Red’s weekly threads and on any other tweet from him will be sure to get rewards from NDUS, the all-powerful AI in the world of XOCIETY.
  • The XOCIETY team has also been hard at work, conceptualizing and working on significant areas of the UI. Working out the flow for things like Avatar selection, customization, and more. You can check a work-in-progress demo in the video below.

Make sure you come join the XOCIETY horde!

Website | Twitter


AAA of tripleS

tripleS is the first ever K-Pop group to use blockchain technology to cast votes for a real-life artist. Modhaus aims to forever revolutionize how fans interact with their beloved artists by leveraging NFTs — directing them from the bottom up, instead of the top down.

Last month, the first ever “Grand Gravity” or an NFT-based voting process was successfully conducted, in which NFT holders casted their votes to determine tripleS’ unit members. The first of two units, Acid Angel from Asia, successfully made its debut on October 28th.

What a grand debut tripleS AAA!

Acid Angel from Asia, the first unit of tripleS, debuted on October 28th. Its title music ‘Generation’ grabbed both local and international attention right after the release and the numbers are keep increasing.

Here are some of the metrics AAA attained within the first 72 hours.

  • #1 iTunes K-POP Album in the USA, Mexico, Turkey and #3 iTunes K-POP Album in Canada
  • 2.6M views of their music video on YouTube
  • 3.6 M views of their performance on TikTok
  • 7.2M views of their music video teaser on TikTok

With AAA’s successful debut, tripleS’ social media presence also grew such as the following:

  • 322K followers on TikTok
  • 312K subscribers on YouTube
  • Over 10,000 users on COSMO, Modhaus’ mobile application.

YouTube TikTok Twitter Discord Instagram

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