UNOPND Quarterly Recap — Q3, 2023

11 min readOct 18, 2023

We’re excited to come back with a new Quarterly Recap.

In this Summer, UNOPND saw a number of significant milestones for the projects being incubated. We eagerly anticipate to see more accomplishments from our team’s diligent efforts before the year concludes.

  • Derby Stars finally released their highly anticipated alpha version of the game with many new features by introducing Core system, free-to-play mechanics, rental horses and mobile build.
  • XOCIETY completed the minting of their first NFT collection called ‘Frontier Avatar’ and completed several holder tests with amazing feedbacks.
  • DAVA has been pilot testing various tools for their Composable Avatar System. With the information collected from the test results and feedback, they will improve the product and have a more in-depth market analysis.
  • Modhaus announced a couple exciting comebacks and conducted Gravity NFT votes that had the community buzzing.

We also had one of the busiest times of the year, mingling with various partners and participating in various events during Korea Blockchain Week 2023 and Token 2049.

Without further delay, let’s dive straight into the exciting updates projects have to share!

Derby Stars

Raise, Race and Glory!
Free-To-Play Derby Stars Is All About Fantasy Horse Racing and Breeding

Successful launch of $DSRUN

In August, Derby Stars marked a significant milestone with the pre-alpha version launch. The launch included a pre-registration phase, the introduction of starter and pre-alpha packs to assist new users, and the release of $DSRUN token listed on Bybit. Currently, users can trade the token on Uniswap using their preferred Web3 wallets like Metamask as well.

Alpha Build Release — PC and mobile

The alpha build showcased two key features:

Core System

  • During the Early Access phase, training was often perceived as repetitive and in need of enhancement. In order to address this concern, the team introduced the Core system, aiming to instill a sense of excitement and drive among users during each training session by offering rewarding outcomes.
  • Consequently, Derby Stars made the decision to transform the training results into collectible items that players could strategically utilize across various competitions. For instance, a horse equipped with a Stamina core would gain a competitive edge in long-distance races, while a horse with a Speed core would perform better in short-distance races.

Rental System

  • The introduction of a rental system has transformed our Web3 game into a free-to-play experience, allowing non-NFT holders to play without any hurdles. In other words, players without horse NFTs can immediately start playing the game and engage in training and PvP races using rental horses.
  • New users can easily borrow and play the game, but if they desire greater profits, they have the option to purchase NFTs. We believe this system will make the game more accessible and enjoyable without financial exposure.

The successful launch has been a collaborative effort, involving over 50 guilds and communities that have partnered with them in hosting events, promotions, and engaging AMA sessions. This initiative brought together numerous local partners from seven different countries, all working toward taking Derby Stars to new heights.

In the meantime, the team has seen a high demand for a mobile build. So they released the Android APK on September 4, which will be optimized over the next few months. The mobile build will provide a more immersive user experience and make Derby Stars more accessible especially in Southeast Asia, where it has a significant audience.

To celebrate Alpha Launch, Derby Stars team had prepared a thrilling pre-registration event with gifts including the Unique Random Box (Non-tradable).

This exclusive event was planned to reward the early supporters and provide them with abundant information about Derby Stars. In total, they successfully reached over 3 million followers through 60+ KOLs while being featured in multiple outlets in Japan and Southeast Asia. Also, the official Derby Stars X (formerly Twitter) account reached 100K followers, with an increase of 12K during the pre-registration period.

Over the past few months, they have organized various events, such as Pre-Registration, Partnership Giveaways, and Community Programs, all featuring Unique Random Boxes. If you have not claimed your rewards yet, be sure to sign in and claim them, and try out some challenging but exciting missions! You will find even more rewards waiting for you.

Memorable moments from KBW

In September, Derby Stars participated in various events during the Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) 2023, exploring the realm of Web3 innovation.

As one of the largest blockchain events in Asia, the main conference of KBW attracted thousands of Web3 builders from around the world to discuss the current state of the market including regulation, technical breakthrough and potential narratives.

“These opportunities solidified our belief in the transformative potential of Web3 in the gaming industry, and we are excited to move forward, driven by the collective understanding and alignment we achieved with the community.” said Sean Hahm, Executive Director.

Meanwhile, the team actively engaged as event speakers during two key events, the Polygon Guild Seoul Meetup on September 6th and the Asian Web3 Gaming Gathering on September 8th.

Derby Stars’ Official Links:
Website | X | Discord | Youtube | Whitepaper


Shoot, Earn, Pioneer. Now We Live in XOCIETY.
Xociety Is a Metaverse With Shooter Mechanics at Its Core

XOCIETY has seen a lot of change this quarter; launching into the world of NFTs with its first NFT minting. Giving owners the opportunity to play a slice of XOCIETY with a three-day play extravaganza. Launching a detailed Roadmap to show their commitment to clear progress and delivering the community access to it. The team also laid out their vision for the next Milestone of development, giving details on new events and ways to engage in the XOCIETY Project.

The biggest development for XOCIETY was of course the launch and selling out of its first NFT collection, the culmination of months of work in tough market conditions. The team gave access in two trenches, Redlist for those who showed their commitment in the community and in Mintlist phase for partners and others who got involved.

“Our Redlist phase saw an astounding 90% of the NFTs being minted, with the remainder moving into the Mintlist phase. Incredibly, the Mintlisted minting was a fast-moving success, with every available NFT being snatched up within a mere thirty seconds! This level of enthusiasm and support has blown us away.” — Ryan Chown, Head of Community

Post-mint XOCIETY’s Frontier NFT Avatars spent time evolving from DNA to a full NFT, check out the process below.

One of the most successful events of XOCIETY during the last quarter has been the successful running of its very first Holder Test. XOCIETY’s NFT holding community is still growing and with only minimal work done to optimize the test so far it was amazing to get a large percentage of the 999 holders to play. Please have a look at some notable metrics from the test.

This was a fantastic chance to get direct feedback and see how XOCEITY, even in its early stages was received. Holders of XOCIETY’s Frontier NFT Avatars gave direct feedback across three days. It was great to see honest impressions being shared across web3 by players.

After delivering the Holder Test, XOCIETY followed up quickly with a detailed vision for development and community opportunities through the newly revealed Roadmap.

The Roadmap, has significant promises to the team’s work, and sets clear expectations for how people will be able to join XOCIETY, in minting and events like the Second Holder Test.

However, a Roadmap alone is not enough. XOCIETY set out in clear terms exactly what it will be developing during the next few months, in the second Developer Note, Game Design Director YK, set forth the work XOCIETY will do.


- New PVE Mode
What you’ll experience in the second Holder Test will be unlike anything you may have experienced before.

- New Game Arena
‘Wasteland’ — A space where players experience the essence of being a Pioneer. Check out that concept image below. You can really get a sense of the atmosphere of the Wasteland.

- Inventory & Currency
Through M6, XOCIETY aims to lock in the ‘fundamental elements’ of the game. In-game inventories and currency are all part of a deep MMOTPS experience.

- Enhanced Avatar Customization
While a lot of work is under development, you can get a sense of XOCIETY’s ambitions from the concept shot of the WASTELAND, which will feature a brand new game mode.

Get the full Dev Note on XOCIETY’s blog.

Of course, it has not just been internal work for XOCIETY, Korea Blockchain Week 2023 was a fantastic show and XOCIETY’s Head of Business Sang Chung spoke at “Builder House Panel: Gaming”, on XOCIETY’s role in shifting Web3 gaming to AAA status.

Undoubtedly, KBW 2023 was a great chance to connect with builders and other partners. XOCIETY attended the event hosting numerous people for behind-the-scenes playtest of the current game build. There’ll be more details on that in the next update.

XOCIETY wants to leave the last word and tease of things to come to their Lead Director Old Ginger, showing off mapping controller support to an internal build.

XOCIETY’s Official Links:
Website | X | Discord | Medium | Youtube


Make NFTs Accessible to All Through Composable NFT Ecosystem

DAVA keeps building the layers that will make up its composable NFT ecosystem. They have prioritized the development of the NFT minting, airdrop and CRM tools which will be critical for the ecosystem. It’s our pleasure to announce that DAVA’s initial development phases are now accomplished.

The current version was pilot tested with several partners from April through June, and the results exceeded their expectations. They were able to analyze not only user characteristics, but also acquisition funnels. With these insights, partner projects successfully identified their target audience and ran events to drop NFT as rewards based on their on-chain activities.

In July, the team focused on improving further functionalities of the tool with the information collected from the test results and feedback. They have been putting effort into further development since August.

The next step covers two phases as follows.

(1) User onboarding: Selecting a tool or solution is essential for an individual project to ensure their product is aligned with their users while optimizing their service. Therefore, DAVA team is building tools that embody the essence of web3, venturing into territories previously uncharted in the web3 landscape.

(2) Entering into the ecosystem: It is important to onboard the projects and users into the DAVA ecosystem to utilize our composable NFT system. The team believes the composable NFT technology as a tool will increase the number of users and create a virtuous cycle in their ecosystem. The end goal is to define the roles of existing DAVA NFT holders and newcomers in this newly organized environment and create a sustainable business model. Once this is finished, They will keep doing additional pilot tests to improve the product and have a more in-depth market analysis.

In the meantime, a few months ago, a number of misunderstandings placed the project and its members in a challenging position, which significantly impacted the team’s dynamics. They were not able to focus on development to respond the situation, and unfortunately, it caused some collaboration discussions to fall apart.

Nevertheless, the team continues to work hard despite facing broader economic downturn and unforeseen circumstances. If you have any questions about the composable NFT system, please contact DAVA.

DAVA’s Official Links:
| X | Discord | Medium


Beginning of Open Architecture Entertainment

The third quarter brought a wave of excitement to Modhaus, marked by significant announcements, releases, and remarkable accomplishments from both ARTMS and tripleS. Let’s take a look at what they’ve done this Summer.


On July 12th, ODD EYE CIRCLE finally made their highly anticipated return with the release of the <Version Up> Album, kicking off their comeback with a Showcase. Following their promotional activities in Korea, they embarked on a successful European tour titled <Volume Up>.

The inaugural NFT vote called Gravity for ARTMS took place from July 26th to 29th, during which fans had the opportunity to vote for the location of the ARTMS Photoshoot. Santorini, Greece, was chosen as the winner, and ARTMS conducted their photoshoot in this picturesque location. Stay tuned for the results of this photoshoot.

Looking ahead to the fourth quarter of 2023, there are numerous exciting events on the horizon as well. It has been officially announced that HeeJin will be making her solo comeback in October. Additionally, HaSeul is set to host a Small Theatre Concert from October 26th to 30th.

ARTMS’ Official Links:
| Youtube | X | Instagram | Tiktok | Discord
Download COSMO: iOS | Android


On July 6th, Cherry Gene, a blend of the title songs from the initial two Dimension of tripleS, was officially launched. Then, on July 19th, Mayu was introduced as the 16th member of tripleS through a teaser, finalizing the lineup for EVOLution.

tripleS delivered significant news by announcing their 1st World Tour, [Authentic] LOVElution in the United States. The tour was set to cover nine different venues and took place from September 24th to October 14th.

August commenced with a special Event Gravity organized for fans, granting them the opportunity to vote for their preferred stage for the forthcoming LOVElution Showcase. On August 17th, tripleS released LOVElution <ↀ>, coinciding with the LOVElution Showcase, during which the top two fan-selected performances were featured.

Early in September, a 16-member Choreography Event Gravity was held, enabling fans to pick the song they wanted to see tripleS perform with all 16 members. “New Look” emerged as the victor, and the performance video is scheduled for release after the LOVElution US Tour.

A week later, the EVOLution Teaser Photo Concept Event Gravity occurred, fans chose the “Engineered” concept after three rounds of voting. Starting from September 18th, individual member Teaser Photos are being revealed daily. Keep an eye out for further updates on the forthcoming EVOLution Album.

Lastly, tripleS received the Female Idol Rookie Award at the 2023 Brand of the Year Awards as a remarkable recognition of their achievements.

tripleS’ Official Links:
YouTube | TikTok | X | Discord | Instagram
Download COSMO: iOS | Android

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