UNOPND Partners with Kingdom Story: Heroes War to Take Gaming to the Next Level

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UNOPND is excited to announce our partnership with Kingdom Story: Heroes War, Softnyx’s strategic RPG game utilizing Web3 technology.

With over 5 million downloads, Kingdom Story has already proven to be a great success. The new version of the game, Kingdom Story: Heroes War, will apply blockchain to enhance the gaming experience.

The core team of Kingdom Story: Heroes War has been in the game industry for over 20 years and has expertise and know-how about the mobile gaming market. The team not only has experience but also holds many records in performance. In particular, the stable maintenance of the service and the steady supply of content for more than 6 years are impressive achievements considering that the average lifespan of a mobile game is 180 days.

Kingdom Story’s Key Achievements:

  • 5M + global downloads
  • 6 Years + of service
  • 20–30K average DAU
  • Nearly 6 hours of gameplay time per user

What is Kingdom Story: Heroes War?

Kingdom Story: Heroes War is based on the concept of P2E+ combining the core elements of the game (Enjoyment, Exploration, Escapism) with the infinite potential of blockchain technology (Trading, Owning, Governing).

It is designed with an innovative player-driven utility economics based on NFT ownership, focusing on blockchain technology to enable a player-owned economy in the Web3 gaming industry, and striving to create a game that can be enjoyed.

Strength of Kingdom Story: Heroes War

UNOPND believes that Kingdom Story: Heroes War will be one of the projects that stand out in the Web3 game in 2023 through the challenge of overcoming several obstacles that exist in the Web3 game market and lead Web3 Mass Adoption.

1. Zero-Threshold

Most of representative Web3 projects such as STEPN and Axie Infinity need NFTs and tokens to play, thus creating a barrier. Kingdom Story: Heroes War, however, is striving to eliminate this barrier completely. Players will not require any NFTs or tokens to play; instead, they can gain opportunities to own NFTs and tokens depending on the extent to which they contribute to the game.

2. AAA+ (Anytime, Anywhere, (in) Any device)

Kingdom Story: Heroes War is striving to break through a major obstacle confronting many existing Web3 games. Most have restrictions based on operating systems (IOS, Android) and devices (Web, mobile), but this game aims to remove these impediments entirely.

In the Web3 games arena, where most games are released as WebGL builds, Kingdom Story: Heroes War offers a boundary-free gaming experience with WebGL, IOS, and AOS builds.

3. Zero-Gap: No Need to Wait

In Kingdom Story: Heroes War, all milestones from project release to official launch are compactly arranged within a short time.

Other P2E games often take a long time, sometimes years, for users to actually play the games after the community launch or NFT sale. However, you will be able to play Kingdom Story: Heroes War very soon and there will be no monetary sales for tokens or NFTs before the game launch. This will pose a new paradigm for Web3 games and will solve dragging problems that users had with previous Web3 projects.

2023 will see a surge of Web3 games, but we are sure that Kingdom Story: Heroes War will lead the first quarter of the market.

4. SEA (Stable Economy Architecture)

Softnyx and UNOPND have joined forces to combine their expertise in Web2 and Web3 economy design to create a balanced in-game economy for Kingdom Story: Heroes War. With their combined knowledge, they are looking to address the operational and content development issues commonly seen in Web3 games, as well as the economic collapse that often follows the introduction of tokenomics within these titles.

Numerous Web3 games have experienced operational difficulties and lack of content development since their release. Moreover, we have seen the collapse of the projects as their tokenomics system has been unable to effectively balance the game economy.

Softnyx has 6 years of experience with Kingdom Story already, so they are well prepared to achieve maximum in-game consumption and balance core goods. The team is also ready to generate stable sales and to maintain the service.

5. Expansion of Genres

Kingdom Story: Heroes War is a multi-genre game. It expands the CCG (Collective Card Game) genre into the TCG (Trading Card Game) genre, while combining the RPG genre with the strategy genre.

In the Web2 Kingdom Story, users were confined to the CCG genre, collecting officers, goods, and items without knowing when they’d acquire the ones they wanted. But with blockchain technology, ownership is secure and users can freely trade with other users for the officers and goods they’ve collected. This has allowed the game to expand into the TCG genre: Kingdom Story: Heroes War.

Kingdom Story: Heroes War provides enjoyment in acquisition (TCG), in leveling up the heroes (RPG), and in forming a deck in infinite combinations with various heroes. This will provide users with a wider experience.

6. Community Effect

Kingdom Story: Heroes War expands its community size and reach by embracing Web3-based communities in Twitter and Discord, unlocking endless possibilities.

While the original Kingdom Story operated a global service for over 6 years, communication between its users and developers was limited. Even in Korea, where the game was mainly served, there was only one communication channel — Naver Cafe — in which the communication was mainly one-way. However, the community of Kingdom Story: Heroes War aims for real-time and interactive communication through single integrated community.

UNOPND X Kingdom Story Partnership

UNOPND will pass on its expertise to Kingdom Story: Heroes War to build the overall project. This will include token economy design and community building strategy.

Even though the blockchain market is experiencing a downturn, numerous game developers, including major game companies, are rushing into the Web3 game market in 2022–23.

UNOPND, with its various know-hows and insights from directly building and consulting various projects, is a leader in this market and is aiming to create a new Web3 Game Narrative. We believe that the game industry will lead the Mass Adoption of Web3 and so we are preemptively investing a lot of resources with great interest in the game industry.

The value that UNOPND can provide to its partners is as follows:

1) Web3 economy Design: Design and share economic structures such as tokenomics and NFT suitable for each project and ecosystem

2) Network & Community Marketing: Community building, PR, and external partnership strategies from a Web3-focused marketing team

3) Project and Company Operation Expertise: From the perspective of directly incubating a project, UNOPND is experiencing most of the same situations that all projects in the market are undergoing. As a leading company in the industry, we are creating our own industry standards from an operational point of view, and we share this knowledge/know-how with our partners.

UNOPND is already collaborating with a number of game developers, and we intend to continuously expand our connections to the outside world. This is not just one collaboration through a short-term engagement with projects but a long-term relationship that allows continuous collaboration across various fields.

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