Unopnd Monthly Recap — September 2022

4 min readSep 30, 2022


Greetings to all the members of Unopnd community.

For those who have just entered our medium, Unopnd is a research and startup studio powered by Hashed. Focusing on exciting areas of Metaverse and NFTs, the company aims to support various startups wishing to bring blockchain to a new addressable market unlocked by recent strides in metaverse gaming.

We are currently supporting three game projects — Derby Stars, DAVA, and XOCIETY and one K-Pop entertainment project — tripleS jointly with Modhaus.

Let’s start

It has been a busy year with less than 100 days left. It is still early to look back to 2022; however, we thought it would be important to update our community on what we have done and what we are expecting on a monthly basis.

We hope to share every part of our journey toward opening up the unopened world of Web 3 with our community.

So let us start with Derby Stars.

Derby Stars

Derby Stars is a horse racing Metaverse game on Polygon.

  • An exciting news to share! Over 75% of Derby Stars’ NFTs are successfully migrated to Polygon so far. As the team is pushing forward to launch the game end of this year, the users are also engaging with more heat.
  • The team started a Random Box Event with total prizes worth 100K USD. It will be the last chance to win original Derby NFTs for FREE! Many collaborations and partnerships are coming ahead. Stay tuned and visit their Medium blog for more details.
  • Derby team visited Singapore to participate in Token 2049, one of the biggest blockchain events in Asia. The team held meetings with various SEA partners this time, please look forward to more exciting news!
  • Also, Derby team had 2 AMAs with Polygon Studios and AvocadoDAO. Further community events with guilds and partners are scheduled in October as well, so if you are curious about what is happening behind the scene, please keep an eye on their Twitter and join the event!

Website | Twitter | Discord


Ponzi-free blockchain game, Dava Eternal, started a closed beta test service this month, showcasing its game to the public for the first time. Dava Eternal is a rogue-like deck-building adventure game that requires no wallet or crypto background to enjoy.

  • Closed beta test of Dava Eternal (Sept. 22 ~ Sept. 29) has successfully ended and the team has received many meaningful and constructive feedbacks.
  • Also, Dava has successfully established Goldan Inc., through which you can create monsters (a.k.a. Hunters) for the game by locking various NFTs from highly popular, expensive collection to relatively minor ones.

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XOCIETY is a blockchain-based MMOTPS mainly focused on PvE, powered by Unreal Engine. The TeamNDUS will bring you the finest quality Web 3 game, in which you can shoot, earn, pioneer, and build into a Metaverse.

  • Check our recent interview with TeamNDUS to know more about who is behind this game and how they are building it.
  • XOCIETY’s main persona, Red is sharing a story of XOCIETY from the very first moment he opened up his eyes in the Cocoon room via Twitter. Please follow for more updates.

Website | Twitter

tripleS by Modhaus

tripleS is the first ever K-Pop group to use blockchain technology to cast votes for a real-life artist. Modhaus aims to forever revolutionize how fans interact with their beloved artists by leveraging NFTs — directing them from the bottom up, instead of the top down. So far, 8 members have been revealed, but tripleS will eventually hold votes for 24 of them.

  • Just completed the first NFT-based voting process, called Grand Gravity with 8,000+ NFT holders voting a total of 4,417 times and generating 4,728 transactions on the Polygon network
  • The members of two subunits Acid Angel from Asia (AAA) and +(KR)ystal Eyes have been decided as a result

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